The sound of Cornflowerblue is a unique graphic design that graces every room. The presentation is beautiful: no list, folded edges or reflections. The design hangs about 22 mm from the wall which created a nice drop shadow. The image is 100% super-tight thanks to the (Reddot design award winner) Xpozer tension and suspension.

The edition is limited. Each image contains a unique number that corresponds to the included certificate. A guarantee of the unique character of this work. You have bought something special.

If you look closely, you can almost hear the color: Cornflowerblue.

“The sound of color”


Designer: Adam Munsterman

Format : 80 cm x 100 cm
Weight : ± 780 grams, including frame
Color : Cornflowerblue / Gray
Material : Thin polyester film. Xpozer (photo and frame).
Technique : Photographic print with the highest quality HD.
Including frame and fasteners